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Re: Armour

1997-11-24 04:24:39
There is in my view two
groups of appiliactions that we should try and retain compatabilty unless
there is a very good resons against.

The first group is the pgp[2|5] programs themselfs propper,  this has been
already meantioned often and there is nothing orginal in this argument.

The second group is all the scrips, hacks, glue and basic applications of
cyrto wich works with pgp[2|5].  These things tend to use pgp as a tool
rather then aplication all by itself.  Meany of these things don't have
(or would be inapproprate to a have) Mime capatability but have a sence of
asscii armor.  I would not like to see these things broken for the sake of
computaional estitics.

Don't forget, as Ian Grigg pointed out, that PGP 2|5 software won't
disappear overnight. We can continue to use them in many situations
where backward compatibility is important.

Ian :D

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