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RE: Ancient Technology

1997-11-24 08:21:27
The defacto standard for sending anything but plain-text-English 
emails is MIME. Ascii Armour is from the time that UUEncoding was the 
hip thing. The mailreaders of 99% of the internet users today already 
understand MIME, they don't understand AA, so adding support for 
PGP/MIME to them should be trivial.

I tend to agree at least for corporate use since Eudora, Exchange, 
and ccMail all understand MIME which would seem to simplify plug-ins.

AsciiArmouring is not necessary for PGP to operate properly, rather it
is a "nice" but is ready to be considered a hysterical element along with
TekHex and UUencode (which could also be easily supported).

However I must agree that the prevalent mechanism today is Base64 encoding.


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