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The armour issue

1997-11-25 11:24:32

Compatibility with Classic PGP has become optional. All OP implementations
will be compatible with each other. I suspect most will also be compatible
with the Classic PGP, but that's up to implementers and users. 

Agree in principle. Armour/Mime/etc is really a mail issue with one exception:
I would really be bothered if installation of PGPv14 made it impossible to 
decrypt the thousands of instances of malicious software I keep in the original
PGP message format (easy to tell who it came from). Would also like to read 
the ones received in the future as well.

Would imagine that many of the people who have supported Viacrypt/PGP Inc
through the years have similar concerns.

OTOH the thought of FIPS compliant PGP flowing on the DMS with DH/TripleDES
also has a certain appeal to the absurd 8*).

So would like to see something such as it MUST be an OPTION to any product
claiming PGP compatability (is there such a thing as a mandatory option ?). 
Personally, would not mind paying extra for the capability but would want to 
be sure that it was available (I know - keep the old version around. Ever read
an upgrade license ?).


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