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Re: OpenPGP WG meeting minutes

1998-01-19 20:17:15

Miscellaneous: (Comments not recorded)
              We should not just put in everyone's pet algorithms.

I agree.

But I want new algorithm id for MISTY1 when this document become
RFCXXXX. MISTY1 which was designed by Matsui-san looks so good.  I
believe an algorithm which is described in RFC is not a `pet' one.

INTERNET-DRAFT                                                   H. Ohta
Expires in six months                                          M. Matsui
                                         Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
                                                           December 1997

            A Description of the MISTY1 Encryption Algorithm


Hironobu SUZUKI        Independent Software Consultant
E-Mail: hironobu(_at_)h2np(_dot_)suginami(_dot_)tokyo(_dot_)jp

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