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Re: OpenPGP WG meeting minutes

1998-01-20 07:56:55

"Ulf" == Ulf =?iso-8859-1?Q?M=F6ller?= <ulf(_at_)fitug(_dot_)de> writes:
But I want new algorithm id for MISTY1 when this document become
RFCXXXX. MISTY1 which was designed by Matsui-san looks so good.  I
believe an algorithm which is described in RFC is not a `pet' one.

 Ulf> This algorithm is not any useful in the context of OpenPGP
 Ulf> because it is patented and is freely available only for academic
 Ulf> use.

That's right.

I realize that "FREELY AVAILABLE ONLY FOR ACADEMIC" is the biggest
obstacle to become MISTY1 draft to RFC. I think ( and hope ) when
MISTY1 draft goes to RFC, MISTY1 will be royalty-free algorithm as
well as CAST128.  If MISTY1 can't become royalty-free, MISTY1 draft
maybe reject.



I already e-mailed to Matsui-san and Ohta-san about algorithms in RFC
should be free from royalty.

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