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Re: Message Integrity

1999-04-22 10:46:55
On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, Adam Back wrote:

I also like Tom's suggestion of using algorithm ID 0 for signature.
Adds conotations of "no signature algorithm".  Nice.  Why don't you
try implementing that in your PGP implementation Tom?  It should come
out as fewer lines, and simpler code than the other method.

The patch is now 83 lines affecting 3 files (sigchk sigmak elitmk).  I
think the DER version would be a few more, and it took less than 30
minutes.  I am using a keyid of zero to trigger the MIC mode (internally I
derive the algorithm from the keyid, but I could a flag or something

(Though I need to add a test to switch from "signature" to "MIC").

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