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Re: pointers to openpgp-interop knowledge base?

2001-11-05 14:00:29

At 12:29 PM -0800 11/4/01, Len Sassaman wrote:

I could keep throwing things off the top of my head -- but shouldn't we
have some formal system for listing all of this?


Both Brian Smith and John Kane have volunteered to maintain the information. I've asked them to collaborate on maintaining the pages. My preference is we set something up under site. is a computer at Phil Zimmermann's house. There's other stuff I would like to see there, but interoperability info would be a Real Good Thing to get 2440 to DRAFT.

I have a program to contribute which will read openpgp files and report on their structure. John Callas wrote the original version, and I've been updating it for 2440. It's not a complete implementation of 2440. But it locates packet boundaries, identifies packet types, and describes the plaintext portions of packets.

If people send me files, I'll run them through my parser, and tell you what happens. The program runs on my Mac, but should be reasonably portable to other systems. I'll publish it on, as soon as we make a suitable place. I've heard tell of similar programs, but I don't have particular knowledge of any.

john noerenberg
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