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Re: OpenPGP vs. OpenPGP/MIME

2002-02-13 02:53:11

On 2002-02-13 09:44:05 +0200, disastry(_at_)saiknes(_dot_)lv wrote:

can not save message to disk and decrypt and/or verify later outside MUA,

Where do you get the expectation from that you can handle e-mail messages without software able to parse their format?

(And, BTW, you can certainly do all you desire outside the MUA. You just have to do some _very_ basic MIME parsing yourself.

some virus checking software removes attachments,

Such virus checking software is broken.

does not work with many mailing lists (that are configured to remove attachments),

Such mailing lists are broken.

does not work with web archives of mailing lists (for example,

That's not an example for PGP/MIME, but an example for mailing list archiving software not being able to cope with RFC announcements as sent out by the RFC editor. This is another instance of broken software. Nice try, though.

does not work with newsgroups.

Why not?

Thomas Roessler                        <roessler(_at_)does-not-exist(_dot_)org>