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Re: (Open)PGP/MIME - Mutt vs. Evolution vs. exmh

2002-02-13 02:48:01

On 2002-02-12 21:04:15 -0800, Carl Ellison wrote:

One would think that a good standard wouldn't allow any such variability.

One would also think that a good implementation won't crash when encountering standard compliant messages (it shouldn't even crash when receiving junk).

On 2002-02-12 21:24:54 -0800, Will Price wrote:

In recent versions, we accomodated the Mutt way of encoding PGP/MIME. I don't recall exactly which version that went into. The current Eudora plugin version is 7.1.1 which is of course part of PGP 7.1.1.

May I ask what particular detail of mutt's way of encoding had to be specifically accomodated?

I'm asking because _if_ mutt is violating the standard, this would be something I'd really like to see fixed. (Yes, I am aware that earlier versions of mutt have possibly generated wrong micalg parameters, unless users paid attention. This particular problem has, however, been fixed quite thoroughly.)

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