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Re: OpenPGP vs. OpenPGP/MIME

2002-02-13 12:19:41

At 10:50 AM +0100 2/13/02, Thomas Roessler wrote:

does not work with many mailing lists (that are configured to
remove attachments),

Such mailing lists are broken.

As someone who runs a number of such "broken" mailing lists, I "broke" them
because I consider the security risk of my list being use to spread the
latest Outlook thingie to be much higher than the damage caused by breaking
them. It also prevents the inevitable newbie who sends a picture or movie
as an attachment, causing a dozen people to go over their mail quotas. My
message to my users is that if it's important, put it somewhere and provide
a URL. If it's important, I'll even provide disk space for it.

I must respectfully disagree with this assessment. People who maintain
computer systems used by a number of people have a responsibility to
protect that shared resource. Stopping attachments on mailing lists is not
any more "broken" than putting up a firewall is.