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Re: Bug#40394: forwarding an encrypted PGP message is useless

2002-04-10 10:16:32

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Derek wants this to be enforced or not to have it at all.
Ned points out that users will be angry if you try to enforce it.

All I wanted was friendly handling instructions, a convenience
feature just like 'eyes-only'.  It won't try to prohibit
forwarding, it is simply a request that the receiver remove the
signature after decrypt+verify.

Yes, Derek will be able to get around it unless someone figures out
how to tie the signature to the encryption. Yes, it
won't be supported by some implementations. But does it make matters
worse than they are now?  Is it something that
has value ONLY if it is enforceable?

- --Paul.

Derek Atkins wrote:

  Paul Shields <shields(_at_)passport(_dot_)ca> writes:

  > Should we have a selectable option on sign-encrypt that specifies
  > that the signature must be
  > removed from the plaintext after verifying it?

  How would you enforce this?  This is just like the
  flag on literal text.  It's a notation to keep the good guy honest,
  but wont protect you from someone who really wants to get around

ned(_dot_)freed(_at_)mrochek(_dot_)com wrote:

  All of this stuff falls down at some point because you just can't
  compartmentalize people's brains. Prohibit forwarding of content
and people
  will save stuff to files and then mail the files. Prohibit saving
to files and
  people will cut and paste. Prohibit cut and paste and people will
type what one
  window says into another. Prohibit people from having mutiple
windows up at the
  same time for this purpose and they will write stuff down on paper
  introduces its own set of problems). Prohibit writing stuff down
(good luck)
  and people will try and remember it, and then enter it incorrectly

  You can't win. And given how much this pisses off users, making
them even less
  receptive to following whatever rules they're supposed to be
following, you
  shouldn't even try.


Version: PGP 7.1.1


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