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Re: cleartext signatures - trailing white space - proposal

2004-03-12 06:34:40

Brian G. Peterson wrote:

I would modify Werner's proposed text like so, for grammatical clarity:

       When calculating a cleartext signature, trailing whitespace
       (defined as the characters <SPACE> (0x20), <TAB> (0x09),
       <CR> (0x0D) and <LF> (0x0A)) at the end of any line shall be
       removed and replaced by the sequence <CR><LF> for the purpose
       of calculating the cleartext signature.  This protects against
       a failure of a valid signature due to many conversions that may
       occur in text editing tools or in transport.

( See comments to Werner - it's not so easy to
combine the "line ending" processing with the
"whitespace" processing. )

I think it is important to clarify both the definition and a little of the
reasoning behind this for readers and implementers of the RFC.

I agree;  this is one area where a little more
commentary can help solve a lot of little
annoying compatibility issues.