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Re: cleartext signatures - trailing white space - proposal

2004-03-12 15:08:01

On 12 Mar, 2004, at 5:31 AM, Ian Grigg wrote:

I know we don't need it, but without an explicit
mention of Unicode, I suspect there will be a
an endless stream of questions, and also, people
will start including their Unicode whitespace
chars because there is no explicit guidance...

All OpenPGP text is Unicode, so there's no need for *another* explicit mention of this. The bottom 128 characters of Unicode are ASCII, and the bottom 256 character of Unicode are ISO Latin-1.

What we colloquially say that a space is 0x20, that also means 0x0020 and 0x00000020 as well.

While I agree that the ability for people to ask exasperating questions knows no bounds, there's such a thing as too much explicitness.