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Some -15 comments

2005-11-10 11:07:18

I did a quick read over bis15:

In 5.2.1. Signature Types, in the section about the 0x18 subkey
binding signature, the binding for a signing subkey MUST (not SHOULD)
contain a back signature.  This was discussed on the list.


We discussed a change to (Notation Data) on the list to
     First octet: 0x80 = human-readable. This note value is text, a
                         note from one person to another, and need
                         not have meaning to software. 
     First octet: 0x80 = human-readable. This note value is text.

Any way that can go in?  I'm perfectly happy to get an "I Told You So"
if someone is confused :)


5.11. User ID Packet (Tag 13) makes reference to a "RFC 2822 mail
name", but there is no such object in 2822.  2822 calls it a


In 5.13. Sym. Encrypted Integrity Protected Data Packet (Tag 18), the

 "(often literal data packets or compressed data packets)"

should probably be:

 "(often a literal data packet or compressed data packet)"

since we no longer allow multiple literal packets in a row.


In 13. Security Considerations, in the section discussing the
Mister/Zuccherato attack, the last sentence of the third paragraph is
missing a period.


Aside from that, has anyone heard anything new about the rumored
"bigger DSA" update?


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