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Re: Some -15 comments

2005-11-14 19:23:14

On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 02:46:26PM -0800, Jon Callas wrote:

We discussed a change to (Notation Data) on the list to

    First octet: 0x80 = human-readable. This note value is text, a
                        note from one person to another, and need
                        not have meaning to software.
    First octet: 0x80 = human-readable. This note value is text.

Any way that can go in?  I'm perfectly happy to get an "I Told You So"
if someone is confused :)

I remember the discussion, I just don't remember the agreement. Such  
is the way with rough consensus.

Yes.  I didn't think we had consensus yet.  I'm re-raising it to get
some more discussion.

Does it matter one way or the other? I admit to being confused as to  
why it matters. Enlighten me, please.

It matters because the current text states something as true that
shouldn't be true.  A human-readable notation isn't necessarily a note
from one person to another.  Using the only commonly used notation
(preferred-email-encoding(_at_)pgp(_dot_)com) as an example, it is human
readable, but is a note from software to software and humans aren't
necessarily involved.

Incidentally, I apologize for not getting this out before. I sent it  
to the I-D desk, who whined at me. My correction was eaten by an MTA,  
which took two weeks to tell me that it was confused, and by then the  
meeting lull had happened.

So can we take the two-week comment period for last call and make it  
be Nov 21?

Sounds good to me.


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