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RE: Capability Negotiation for OCP

2003-04-21 07:59:50

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Abbie Barbir wrote:

how about Authentication/Authorization/encrytption.

how/when these will be negotiated/supported etc. Are we talking
about another encapsulation (like HTTPS or SASL) here or what?

It would depend on the transport protocol selection, I think. If the
transport protocol already has mechanisms to support
Authentication/Authorization/encrytption, then those mechanisms should
be reused. IMO, possibility of this kind of reuse would be the primary
advantage of selecting an existing application transport (e.g., BEEP)
compared to new low-level OCPTRAN.

Since so many things depend on the transport now, we need to select
transport(s) as soon as possible.


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