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Re: AW: Using XML in OCP transport

2003-05-07 10:24:14

Alex Rousskov wrote:

I agree. I wonder how we should decide which way to proceed. What is

  - best fit: a simpler, compact, domain-specific transport that
    we have to write (OCPTRAN), increasing OCP adoption chances

  - fast result: a more complex, larger, general-purpose transport
    that we can reuse with some effort and loss of elegance (BEEP),
    decreasing OCP adoption chances

It's also about what can be done with the resources we currently have. Who would committ to agressively move a new transport forward, without slowing down work on the OPES challenges that are at our core.

I have a feeling that if "fast result" is the correct choice here,
then we should just polish ICAP instead of doing OCP. On the other
hand, if "best fit" is the way to go, then I am worried about
documenting security negotiations (something BEEP already has).

What would we loose by "polishing ICAP instead of doing OCP" (over BEEP)? It seems that most folks thought the expected benefits would justify this approach.