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Re: Publishing Tracing Draft as WG Document

2003-05-30 09:15:43

On Fri, 30 May 2003, Markus Hofmann wrote:

The IAB considerations talk about "notification" and mention
"bypass".  On the list, we had consensus that "tracing" is
practially more feasible than a strict notification mechanisms, so
the document will have to address those three issues - would "OPES
tracing, notification, and bypass" be an approriate title?

IMO, the draft in question will not address notification at all. The
"IAB Treatment" draft addresses notification. Since we provide no
protocol-level support for notifications, there is no reason to talk
about them in the technical draft. Moreover, if somebody wants to
support notifications directly, they will write a separate "OPES
Notification" draft.  The "IAB Treatment" draft will discuss why we
concentrate on tracing and how notification is assisted by tracing.

Thus, I would be against using the word "notification" in the draft


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