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Other exportable 40-bit algorithms

1997-04-17 17:28:10
"Blake" == Blake Ramsdell <BlakeR(_at_)deming(_dot_)com> writes:

    Blake> Is there any alternative to RC2 40-bit that meets US export
    Blake> requirements for symmetric algorithms, and does not require
    Blake> you to:

    Blake> 1. Wait an eternity for export approval 2. Register every
    Blake> sale of a product to a non-US/Canada company/individual
    Blake> with the government 3. Require you to implement escrow
    Blake> features in your product

Yes, of course. But you realize, that it's 99.9% unlikely that
you'll be allowed to export the source code, right?

    Blake> RC2 40-bit enjoys both an expedited export approval (I seem
    Blake> to remember ours being a month) and does not have the
    Blake> burden of reporting individual unit sales with the
    Blake> government.  Is this true of CAST 40-bit or DES-40?

No idea about CAST, probably it's too good for it. 

Yes for CDMF (IBM-patented, clever reducing the key strength
        to 40 bits, as opposite to simply accepting a 40-bit
        key only from a user).

Yes for RC4 (legal status unknown to me. The last I heard,
        RSADSI believes it's their property and would
        like you to pay for the license).

Yes for RC2 (same as RC4).

There is no "DES-40" per se, unless you mean CDMF; to the best
of my knowledge.

I'm not aware of any other crypto-algorithm that has expedited
export approval  (which doesn't guarantee you'll be allowed to
export - simply that "Yes" or "No" will be given  within three
weeks or so).

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