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Re: Other exportable 40-bit algorithms

1997-04-18 14:36:00


I have just returned from a meeting with the Export Control office at NSA.  
I raised this question, and was encouraged by the reponse.  It is possible 
for us to select another 40-bit algorithm (perhaps, DES-40 as suggested in 
a previous note by Dave Kemp), and get that algorithm approved for 
expedited export when it is used in conjunction with the our protocol.

A similar arrangement has already been made concerning the algorithms used 
in the SET payment protocol.


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Subject: Other exportable 40-bit algorithms
Author:  Blake Ramsdell <BlakeR(_at_)deming(_dot_)com> at internet
Date:    4/17/97 3:25 PM

Is there any alternative to RC2 40-bit that meets US export requirements 
for symmetric algorithms, and does not require you to:

1. Wait an eternity for export approval
2. Register every sale of a product to a non-US/Canada 
company/individual with the government
3. Require you to implement escrow features in your product

RC2 40-bit enjoys both an expedited export approval (I seem to remember 
ours being a month) and does not have the burden of reporting individual 
unit sales with the government.  Is this true of CAST 40-bit or DES-40?


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