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Re: The 40-bit debate

1997-04-17 22:33:44
Please note the subject of this part, and reply with this subject if
you want to talk about whether or not the S/MIME spec should have a MUST
or a SHOULD that includes 40-bit encryption.

The S/MIME spec can specify a way to do 40-bit crypto if this WG wants 
it to do so, and can even specify that implementations "MUST" (or "SHOULD")
implement it.


+ any MUST or SHOULD algorithm MUST be published and available on 
  fair and nondiscriminatory terms  (this is from RFC 2026)

+ (IMHO) the S/MIME spec will not be of standards-track quality
  unless it also specifies a "MUST implement" algorithm and key 
  length compatible with the recommendations of RFC 1984.  



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