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RE: The 40-bit debate

1997-04-18 03:36:17
A lot of this discussion seems to be aimed at:
1.      Protecting RSA's "investment" in S/MIME

2.      Protecting US companies from international competion.

Perhaps we could specify a 2 level spec ? :
        Level 1 : Must implement a 40 bit key (using DES or whatever)
        Level 2 : Incorporates Level 1 *and* must implement a 128+ bit key using

If we where being honest we could label it "Insecure/MIME" & "Secure/MIME"

This way everybody would have a base level of compatibility, US companies
could sell S/MIME in the US and export I/MIME (basically what happens now),
Non-US companies could sell S/MIME everywhere plus exporting to the US.

The only loser would be the US companies who can't export S/MIME (a
ridiculous situation).

I would be perfectly happy with that.
Lindsay Mathieson
Black Paw Communications

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