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RE: Way Forward

2000-08-02 16:39:01
As backward compatability is only an issue between versions of S/MIME. Would
a compromise be for CMS to keep to the existing mandatory algorithms as
specified in RFC 2630 (DH/DSA), but in the message specification RFC 2633
also mandate support for RSA, for backward compatinility reasons with S/MIME

I know this means that both sets of algorithms have to be implemented in
S/MIME, but is that really a big problem.

John Ross

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Hi Russ,



As chairman, I am trying to figure out the consensus of the  work
group.  If everyone has enough information from this thread,
then I would
like to hear from folks that have an opinion but have not spoken up yet.

My 2 centavos are: Keep PKCS#1.5 with appropriate notification on
the known
attack(s) and recommended procedures to minimize their effect. As you
stated, there is already reference to OAEP for future versions.

Aram Perez


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