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Re[2]: Way Forward

2000-08-01 14:45:49
We would enjoy your participation.


At 11:50 PM 08/01/2000 +0300, Maxim Masiutin wrote:
Hello Russ!

  I'm an author of The Bat!

  This email client for Win32

  that has S/MIME implementation based on own codebase written from
  scratch on Delphi as well as the rest of The Bat!

  I would like The Bat! to pass interoperability testing while forum
  continues. Your help would be appreciated.

  The Bat! official releases do not have S/MIME support yet, but beta
  versions of The Bat! are S/MIME enabled.

  You may download The Bat! with S/MIME support from

Maxim Masiutin,
Software Engineer
RIT Research Labs

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