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RE: New modules drafts -- proposed ASN.1 downgrade tutorial

2009-01-28 09:58:33

I volunteer to help write the document.  A few comments below.

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In thinking about this a bit more:

- I agree with Alfred that it should be a separate document 
that covers all ASN.1 modules in (at least) the Security Area 
of the IETF.

Do you in mind a draft that provides guidance on how to convert 2002
syntax into equivalent 1988 syntax or a document that includes 88 syntax
for all security area drafts?  The former seems worthwhile, I'm not sure
about the latter. 
- It is not needed if the eventual PKIX and S/MIME documents 
are Informational RFCs instead of Standards Track.

- Future document authors can pick whether they want to do 
their modules in 2002 or 1988 and the WGs can decide if they 
like the decision that the authors made.

Allowance of 88 syntax may make an "upgrade tutorial" component of the
draft nice too.
Given that, I propose that someone other than Jim and I start 
such a "downgrade tutorial". I volunteer to review it, and 
I'm sure that some of the modules from Jim and my documents 
would be good fodder for examples in the new document.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium