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RE: New modules drafts -- proposed ASN.1 downgrade tutorial

2009-01-29 22:30:20


ASN.1 guru's will regret, but some on the list might be interested in
a few more hints and (firstly) an idea regarding ASN.1.

a)  Help the IETF EDU team prepare a 'New ASN.1' tutorial session
    for IETFers with a working knowledge of the 'Old ASN.1'.
    First opportunity: Sunday afternoon in Stockholm ?

b)  Beyond ...
    the primary X.680/690 series Recommendations available from: , ,
    the SG-17 home page: , and
    the ASN.1 & OID Project pages: ,
    the ITU-T web site offers ASN.1 delta material:
    - Differences
    - Advantages
    - How-to-Change
    + Pointers to books ...

c)  John Larmouth,
    "ASN.1 Complete",
    printed: Morgan Kaufmann / Academic Press, ISBN 0-12233-435-3;
    also downloadable from the web.

d)  Olivier Dubuisson, translated by Philippe Fouquart,
    "ASN.1 - Communications between heterogenous systems",
    printed: Elsevier - Morgan Kaufmann,
             ISBN 0-12-6333361-0  (?? -- literally from below! :-))

e)  OSS Nokalva Inc. hosts lots of web resources including online
    versions of the above books, and offers professional training
    services; start with:

Kind regards,


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