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Re: New modules drafts -- proposed ASN.1 downgrade tutorial

2009-01-27 11:47:10

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Paul Hoffman wrote:

It's also easy enough (i.e., hit the delete key a lot) to convert
from the new syntax to the old syntax.  Maybe we should have
an annex that explains how to do that?

We could certainly add that if that would make the spec more useful
to people.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium

I fully support that idea of an "ASN.1 Downgrade Tutorial" --
but _not_ as an annex to the current draft(s), as a _standalone_ draft!

Major reasons:

o   much more general scope and applicability
    (e.g., for LTANS et al.);

o   otherwise: annex to the PKIX draft, to the CMS + S/MIME draft,
    or to both?  -- needless discussion!

o   make it possible to reference that tutorial without
    being tied to one of the two drafts;
    readers will certainly appreciate an independent memo
    with a less intimidating page count!

o   not holding off the two "New ASN.1" drafts' progress unduely --
    other work in progress already has dependencies on it;

o   entirely new memo not infringed with RFC 5378 implementation issue.

  For those folks hoping for a chance of continued availability of
  'CCITT' X.208/X.209 'somewhere':
  Did you ever see an ITU-T Recommendation 'mirror site' ?
  Please precisely read the ITU-T copyright statements,
  and please ask your legal advisor before planning to make
  copies available yourself, or asking other folks to do so !  :-(

Kind regards,
  Alfred Hönes.


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