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Re: compressed content-transfer-encoding?

1999-08-01 12:12:49
Even though application/zip is lame, other mechanisms might be
worse. Maybe we should look harder at providing what would be
necessary to make 'application/zip' actually work, e.g., some
top-level indication of what's actually in the package?

this has the same deployment barrier as adding a new
content-transfer-encoding - in either case the mime mail
reader needs to know what to do with the extra parameter
or the new c-t-e.

Actually the problems are far worse than a new CTE. We end up having to  add a
bunch of really gross nonorthogonal nonsense to MIME headers and the butchery
we'd need on the IMAP front is too terrible to contemplate. And besides, this
is effectively a non-lead CTE, and as such runs smack into the no-nested-CTE
consensus that allowed MIME to deploy in the first place.