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Re: Review needed

2000-08-14 19:52:56

The IESG has been asked to consider draft-ward-esmtp-slide-03.txt, "SMTP
Service Extension for Slightly Differing Multicast Messages (SLIDE)", for
publication as an experimental protocol. Since this document describes a
SMTP extension of some complexity I'd like to get some community
feedback on it.

It looks to me like a protocol for bulk email clients to send 
spam to a larger number of recipients with a lesser amount
of chattiness. Or at the very least a way for bulk email
clients to offload their data processing to the MX host that
might not want to do this workload.

As in:

  Dear <spammed>

  ... rest of junk mail common to all...

If I am right - please let this fade away. Is there any
other purpose? Bandwidth reduction - yea. But it does not
make that much difference until there is a large recipient list.
And what kind of client besides bulk email clients would generate
this kind of email?


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