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Re: Review needed

2000-08-15 08:55:55
True, but a lot of the spam that I get is tailored anyway, and therefore not
identical.  I suppose the senders are just using a big custom client to submit a
zillion message that start, "Dear Christopher", "Dear Keith", etc.  So they've
already got a way to do this.



Keith Moore wrote:

I think the concern about this benefiting spammers is a little overblown.  I
do not see anything in this draft that would cause any of the existing or
planned anti-spam techniques to be circumvented.  Neither does it seem 
that a spam outfit would be able to use this service extension to much
positive effect.

uh...if someone complains about a spam, then it's currently quite feasible
to search mail queues and message stores for identical messages (after the
received lines), and remove them.  if every spam is slightly different,
this becomes much more difficult.


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