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Re: Review needed

2000-08-15 10:45:11
"Bonatti, Chris" wrote:

True, but a lot of the spam that I get is tailored anyway, and therefore not
identical.  I suppose the senders are just using a big custom client to 
submit a
zillion message that start, "Dear Christopher", "Dear Keith", etc.  So they've
already got a way to do this.

Yes - but if you are saying, so let anyone do it this new way...

The spammer currently consume the CPU cycles to do the
distribution. If this were to go past experimental, each MTA would
assume that load. Many MTAs have configuration parameters that
allow them to limit the number of connections per sender. (Site X can
not send more than Y number of email's per day).

I personally have never had a need to do this kind of thing.
But perhaps there is a reason for this kind of thing.


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