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Re: IANA SMTP registry

2001-06-24 21:35:16

On Sun, 24 Jun 2001 21:54:43 EDT, Keith Moore said:

4. The keywords VERB and ONEX have "Eric Allman" listed as a reference, but
I have no idea how to dereference it (yes, I know who Allman is and I can
scrounge up his email address, but isn't the spirit of this to be able to
have a publicly available specification, more specifically, an RFC?)

why are they listed at all?  I thought SMTP extensions had to be either
standards-track or experimental with explicit IESG approval. 

I think those two snuck in as "de facto" - they were in Sendmail, Sendmail
had a 70-90% market base, soooo..... ;)


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