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RE: IANA SMTP registry

2001-06-28 15:35:18

So far, the only comment has been "the Sendmail extensions shouldn't be
listed", which makes it sound like I'm not completely nuts, so I'm going to
press on.

I think that most of the comments that I've presented here are valid.  Who
maintains the document that I mentioned, and how does it go about being

I can certainly create a draft, as I've recently spent a lot of time
researching this.


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From: Blake Ramsdell 
Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2001 5:51 PM
To: 'ietf-smtp(_at_)imc(_dot_)org'
Subject: IANA SMTP registry

My understanding is that: 

should have all of the SMTP service extensions listed (RFC2821 section

1. The AUTH EHLO keyword and AUTH verb are not listed (RFC2554 Section 3) 

2. The TCP VIA link type is not listed (RFC2821 Section 4.4) 

3. Should references to RFCs 821 and 822 to be updated to 2821 and 2822? 

4. The keywords VERB and ONEX have "Eric Allman" listed as a reference, but
I have no idea how to dereference it (yes, I know who Allman is and I can
scrounge up his email address, but isn't the spirit of this to be able to
have a publicly available specification, more specifically, an RFC?)

I don't know who to send these to, so this is both a sanity check (the
things I point out may not be things that are required to be in the
registry, though it would be nice to have all of the EHLO keywords
somewhere, and I presume that was the spirit of this page), and a "who
should I send this to?" message.


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