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2001-07-02 16:10:36

Here's a quote from the sendmail release notes in 1996: ``Conditions
were reversed for the Priority: header, resulting in all values being
interpreted as non-urgent except for non-urgent, which was interpreted
as normal.''

How long did this bug go unnoticed? Ten years? Fifteen years? And we're
supposed to believe that priority is a useful feature?

I prefer to have all messages delivered immediately.

Dave Crocker writes:
4. The IETF does not do intranet standards.

I have a mailing list for Internet mail implementors. To subscribe, send
an empty message to imis-subscribe(_at_)list(_dot_)cr(_dot_)yp(_dot_)to(_dot_)

Contributors can focus on the needs of their users, without artificially
separating Internet discussions from intranet discussions, SMTP
discussions from POP discussions, etc.


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