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2001-07-08 20:19:30

On 7/8/01 at 10:56 PM -0400, Keith Moore wrote:

I think the problem here is the characterization of this proposal as an end-to-end QoS-assurance mechanism...

The draft certainly makes no such characterization.

...rather than just a way that trusted and authenticated parties can request priority handling of important messages through those parts of the mail system that trust their credentials and are willing to do that.

The decision to allow priority requests may not be based on identifying trusted and authenticated parties at all. A particular server for a mailing list may decide that its external spam blocking software is enough protection against unwanted attacks and that anyone sending to the mailing list (authenticated or not) may set their priorities as they choose: Perhaps people who bother to contribute to this especially esoteric mailing list can, on the whole, be trusted not to abuse priority setting.

Of course, the tools need to be available to only prioritize mail from authenticated and trusted parties for this to be a general and ubiquitous end-to-end service. But let's work on the tools first, and see if the general service falls out, or we end up with only a "consenting adults" service.

If we're trying to do the end-to-end QoS, I have huge doubts about our being able to make that happen.[...]

OTOH, If we're just trying to design a standard interface to a general-purpose mechanism for requesting priority handling among mutually consenting parties, that's much easier, and IMHO quite doable.

It very well may be that we can't do the former. However, I think we are reasonably able to do design that leaves room for the former if we get all of the other pieces in place, and settle for the latter either for the time being or never if we can't get the pieces in place. (Mail still isn't internationalized well, but leaving a charset label in MIME and pushing UTF-8 where we can may end us up in that place in the long run.)

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