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Re: draft-murchison-lmtp-ignorequota-01

2001-08-30 09:34:37

Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:

What this really is is just a hack to get the "you're over quota, clean
your inbox" messaging into the mailbox, isn't it?

It could be used for this purpose, but that is not its sole purpose. 
This can be used by an admin who wants to guarantee delivery of an
important message regardless of the state of the quota.

That *definately*
doesn't belong in LMTP. Instead, have the IMAP server generate obnoxious
[ALERT] responses until the user gets back under quota.

I agree that this is how users _should_ be notified about quota

If it turns out that nobody wants to see this extension move forward,
then we'll kill the draft and just make this a private extension in

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