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Re: draft-murchison-lmtp-ignorequota-01

2001-08-30 15:28:46

--On Thursday, August 30, 2001 17:42 -0400 Ken Murchison <ken(_at_)oceana(_dot_)com> wrote:
I *think* Larry and I had discussed somthing like this before
implementing IGNOREQUOTA.  Are you proposing something like an
extensible FLAGS keyword, ie:

RCPT TO:<foo(_at_)example(_dot_)com> FLAGS=qa


q = no quota check
a = no acl check

I figure that using single-letter flags would be better than keywords,
since it would keep the max length of the RCPT command down to a
manageable level.


Yes, I like the FLAGS proposal better. We might want to have the LMTP server ignore unknown letters to make it simpler to extend later.

Another extension I've been thinking of along these lines is one to pass attribute-value pairs from LDAP. Contemplate this scenario:

                                          ->|  LDAP  |<-
                                         /  +--------+  \
                                        /                \
                                       /                  \
                                      /                    \
                                     /                      \
                   +---------------------+             +-----------+
incoming mail --->  | SMTP relay for site |---LMTP----->| mailstore |
                   +---------------------+             +-----------+

Now since the SMTP relay has to do an LDAP lookup for each recipient to find the right backend mailstore, wouldn't it be cool if the SMTP relay also passed along all the LDAP attributes the mailstore needed so the mailstore didn't have to look up the recipient in LDAP again?

Seems like saving one network round trip per recipient in this scenario might be worth the extra complexity needed to pass freeform LDAP-style attribute value-list pairs.

So perhaps something like:

RCPT TO:<foo(_at_)example(_dot_)com> LDAP=attr:value:attr:value,value:attr:value

                - Chris