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Re: [idn] Re: 7 bits forever!

2002-04-02 07:44:03

D. J. Bernstein wrote:

It is not reasonable to demand that this
7-bit garbage be allowed to remain on the network forever, at the
expense of all future implementors and users.

OK, you're obviously in a better position than I am to appreciate the cost 
to implementors.  But users? Suppose you could streamline qmail by 
dropping support for talking to 7-bit servers.  How do you convince a 
postmaster to install it? The bandwidth cost of having to use 7-bit 
encoding is real, but small; the cost of losing connectivity to sites is 
potentially high.  Worse, it's almost impossible to put an upper bound on 
the cost of lost connectivity.  For a company, it could mean losing 
messages (and sales) from important customers; businesses have failed over 
such things.

For commercial implementors, it's a no-brainer: dropping 7-bit support 
will lose customers, so don't do it.  For open-source implementors such as 
yourself, naturally, things are less clear-cut.

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