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Re: [idn] Re: 7 bits forever!

2002-04-02 10:46:30

Hi Keld,

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From: "Keld Jørn Simonsen" <keld(_at_)dkuug(_dot_)dk>
I was amongst the most vocal proponents af a general 8-bit email
exchange protocol, the one that emerged as ESMTP. I remember being
at IETF in Santa Fé 1992-ish, where we discussed this, and I was the
only European around when it was asked if somebody, especially from
Europe, really wanted a general 8-bit exchange protocol. And I raised
my voice and insisted. So it was not really questioned anymore
and ESMTP was produced. But mostly as a courtesy to the Europeans.
Sometimes you can make a difference:-)

Whole heartedly agree.  This time we have yourself and the Asian community
standing up saying we want IDN(UTF8), hopefully, this is unquestioned as

I think getting to >8bit is a non-starter, as per IESG policies
that promotes utf-8 as the primary encoding in protocols.
And I really do not see why we should open up to a myriad
of charsets (being the author of rfc 1345 I need to stress that:-)
We have one, we can deal with two, not many.

What we have now is a restricted ASCII for DNS, and we want to
go to a restricted utf-8. And nothing else. And we want the
backwards compatibility and operation between ascii and utf-8
so we can ensure a happy migration and coexistance.

Best regards

Makes good sense.


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