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Re: [idn] Re: 7 bits forever!

2002-04-02 11:37:37

Whole heartedly agree.  This time we have yourself and the Asian community
standing up saying we want IDN(UTF8), hopefully, this is unquestioned as

I am aware that some chinese members in this group have stood up to ask for
TC/SC in IDN. I am also aware that Lee have asked for reordering.

But I am not aware of any "Asian community standing up saying we want
IDN(UTF8)". I honestly hope I havent missed anything important.

Or is this just another fragment of your imagation?

It is frustrating to hear you repeating "I want UTF-8, I want UTF-8 now!"
again and again. Lets just say "yes, we hear you say that and lets move on".

By moving on, I mean you write a draft to cover:
a) what is the advantage of IDN(UTF8) over the existing IDNA
b) how IDN(UTF8) is going to work
c) how you intend to get there

-James Seng

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