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Re: [idn] Re: 7 bits forever!

2002-04-02 17:42:00

And you miss the point completely too.

IETF move forward with draft. Repeatively say "i want utf-8, i want it now"
after the first time are just noise.

Write your draft. It is make sense, then support will come.

-James Seng

I think you missed the point completely.  The point, as Keld have
is that there are people, who believes that it is beneficial to have UTF8
option, I being one of them and Keld being one of them, and it is a fact
that cannot be ignored and should not be ignored.  From my interpretation
your previous words, you also believe that it is beneficial to go beyond
ASCII.  That, is my point and please dont try to confuse the message with
the means!  Human language is not machine language and you have to
understand the context before you can get the message.  If you cant
understand this simple depth and intricacy of human interaction and
communication, I cant help you.

The exercise is to establish a meaningful support before I waste my time
working on a draft if no one wants to talk about it.
I have a draft of a draft inplace for UDNA, and I am updating it as we
continue to discuss some of the elements of it on the list.  I think it
makes more sense this way, than to throw something in here fresh.  Also I
think it would be beneficial to have a draft on IDNX (IDN Transition).  So
please stop distrupting the discussion of a good discussion here.


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Whole heartedly agree.  This time we have yourself and the Asian
standing up saying we want IDN(UTF8), hopefully, this is unquestioned

I am aware that some chinese members in this group have stood up to ask
TC/SC in IDN. I am also aware that Lee have asked for reordering.

But I am not aware of any "Asian community standing up saying we want
IDN(UTF8)". I honestly hope I havent missed anything important.

Or is this just another fragment of your imagation?

It is frustrating to hear you repeating "I want UTF-8, I want UTF-8
again and again. Lets just say "yes, we hear you say that and lets move

By moving on, I mean you write a draft to cover:
a) what is the advantage of IDN(UTF8) over the existing IDNA
b) how IDN(UTF8) is going to work
c) how you intend to get there

-James Seng

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