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Re: RFC 2821 Address Resolution

2004-01-05 06:36:42

On 5 Jan 2004 at 1:35, Valdis(_dot_)Kletnieks(_at_)vt(_dot_)edu wrote:

OK.. I misread the table and my memory both.   When we first got on Bitnet
in 1984, Milnet was ahead 1024-440, Bitnet took the lead during late 85 to
early 86, and Milnet was again leading by 5K to 3K hosts when we multihomed
that Microvax in late 86. We were still a bitnet-only site during the
period where Bitnet was larger...

I suddenly feel old. :)

Get in line. That very same Microvax is sitting in my garage. Would you like me 
to send 
it to you, freight collect?

Brad Clements,                bkc(_at_)murkworks(_dot_)com   (315)268-1000                          (315)268-9812 Fax                   AOL-IM: BKClements

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