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Re: Last Call: 'A No Soliciting SMTP Service Extension' to Proposed Standard

2004-01-29 06:44:34

I believe this is from an earlier draft.  Go reread the law as it was
actually passed by Congress.  I don't see IETF mentioned in that law.
Basically as I read the law, IETF isn't in the loop, and there's no
expectation that any protocol extensions are needed.

hmmmm I thought I had a reference the most current bill when it was
finalized.. let me check again,

ok, I reference the wrong section.  It is section 11.2.

ah, thanks.  it must be that every time I read the bill, my eyes had glazed
over or my brain had siezed before I got to that point.

(as bad as they are, IETF documents are a model of clarity compared to this.)

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