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Re: MyDoom, Sorbig - Actions taken?

2004-02-05 07:19:34

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Subject: Re: MyDoom, Sorbig - Actions taken?

Hector Santos writes:
Can you elaborate what exactly they are not "adhering" to?

If I send you a body-part with content-type image/jpeg, that's what it
is. Some MUAs do this:


Hello?  It was really a rhetorical question!  You are not saying anything
new to me.  Its too late by this POINT!

Another evil problem is to misparse boundary lines. If a MUA gets it
wrong, then a message can pass through the firewall, pass through the
virus checker, and by exploiting the MUA bug still cause much damage.

This has nothing to do with my question is how can SMTP address this issue
BEFORE, and I said again, BEFORE the MUA gets the message.


Because when the USER gets the message, its too late.  Anything can happen,
such as the user being fooled which is what you, Keith and Valdis are

Well DUH!

Now, if you are are suggesting that maybe SMTP "should" perform MIME
processing to maybe WARN/HELP the user, then we are in tune with what I
hoping to get going here.  Instead, I getting comments that are OUT of the

In the future, PLEASE try a google search rather than asking such
questions on mail-ng.

MAIL-NG?   The last I looked this isn't MAIL-NG!  You are really bent on
slamming me no matter what.

Whats so hard about maybe trying to answer the original questions?

Maybe you should stop passing the buck to end-users MUA software?  Its too
late by that point!

Maybe you should google ( and GET A
FEEL about what I do and the software product lines that ranging across the
entire spectrum from MUA wares to middle ware, gating, frontends,  hosting
products, etc, before being so disrespectful?

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