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Re: Internet Mail Architecture draft

2004-05-17 01:45:40
In message <933985834(_dot_)20040515013625(_at_)brandenburg(_dot_)com>, Dave Crocker <dhc(_at_)dcrocker(_dot_)net> writes


I've just sent draft-crocker-mail-arch-00 to be issued as an

In the interim, it is available at:


The document summarizes Internet Mail architectural components, their
relationships, and the identities they use.

3.  Email System Architecture

             |        .
             |        |
             |       MTA
             |        |      < smtp
             |       MTA
             |        |      < smtp
             |       MDA
             |        |      < pop, imap

Perhaps unusual, but there are cases where SMTP is used for the final hop to the rMUA, e.g. the ISP Demon in the UK offer SMTP delivery.

             |        |
             +------ MUA recipient (rMUA)

Paul Overell         Internet Platform Development Manager, Thus plc

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