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Re: Internet Mail Architecture draft

2004-05-17 15:49:20

I skimmed the beginning of the draft.

Section 2.2:
  > A name usually maps to an IP Address.
should be:
  > A name usually maps to one or more IP addresses.

In section 3.1.3/3.1.4 you should mention LMTP (RFC 2033) as a protocol often
used between an MTA and MDA.  It's particularly useful because it eliminates
the need for a message queue on the MDA which reduces the administrative cost
and improves the scalability of an Internet messaging system.

The architecture needs a "Message Store" piece.  The MDA delivers messages into
the message store, while POP/IMAP transfer messages from the message store to
the rMUA.

You also need to reference Sieve (RFC 3028) which is the standard language the
IETF has to describe the operation of the MDA (it can also be used by the
rMUA).  procmail is also frequently used to control the MDA.

                - Chris

Dave Crocker wrote on 5/15/04 1:36 -0700:


I've just sent draft-crocker-mail-arch-00 to be issued as an

In the interim, it is available at:


The document summarizes Internet Mail architectural components, their
relationships, and the identities they use.

The draft recommends that discussion about the draft take place on the
SMTP mailing list.

So I have only BCC'd the MARID and LEMONADE mailing lists, to let folks
there know about the draft. But it really will be better to have
discussion take place in only one venue.

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