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Re: Internet Mail Architecture draft

2004-05-29 07:14:37


CN> In section 3.1.3/3.1.4 you should mention LMTP (RFC 2033) as a protocol 
CN> used between an MTA and MDA.

My original thought was simply to list some popular exemplars, to
help explain the function being described. But things seem to have
grown. Now, I guess the rule for the doc should be to cite any ietf
standards-track protocol that performs the role being listed.

CN> The architecture needs a "Message Store" piece.  The MDA delivers messages 
CN> the message store, while POP/IMAP transfer messages from the message store 
CN> the rMUA.

yeah, i guess so. (for some reason I hadn't wanted to add it, but now
that seems silly.  thanks for citing it.)

CN> You also need to reference Sieve (RFC 3028) which is the standard language 
CN> IETF has to describe the operation of the MDA (it can also be used by the
CN> rMUA).

Interesting suggestion.  I had thought to focus on transfer protocols
(except for the end2end object description (2822... ooops. better add
MIME.).  So, what the heck, I guess the spirit of completeness calls for
adding it.

On the other hand, I have no sense of the actual adoption and use of
Sieve.  It's been around awhile but I haven't been running into it in
clients or servers.

CN>   procmail is also frequently used to control the MDA.

Ummm... Non-standard.  Not a protocol. Not ietf. Platform-specific...

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