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Re: Spam Bounces - was What is Spam

2005-03-10 10:24:28

On Wed March 9 2005 18:27, David MacQuigg wrote:

I was trying to move the discussion away from "what is spam" ( Irrelevant 
question, in my opinion ) back to what to do with "Spam Bounces", assuming 
the subjective judgement has already been made by the user.

If a user has already seen the message, there is no "bounce" (a bounce
would be a transport-related notification).  A user *might* elect to
compose an entirely new message (e.g. to an abuse contact), but that
situation (new messages) is already covered in the architecture draft.

Abuse handlers *might* get together and define a structured format for
such messages based on the RFC 3462 multipart/report MIME media type
(as used by DSNs, MDNs, and MTSNs), but they haven't.  And that would
be outside of the scope of the architecture document.