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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-arun-ncc-smtp-02.txt

2005-04-14 05:07:47

Yes there are utilities to this draft.

I have a few examples to explain the utilities,

In a company, a team of say 20 there could be 2 contracters who should not be given the details that are to be passed to the other 18, some company confidential data. Everytime there is something confidentail, there needs to be an individualistic mail-ids need to be typed and sent across. Here the team alias - id1 - id2 would do the trick. It could be something as serious as this to something as simple yet important of sending a surprise birthday party mail to an alias of friends but just want to neglect only the important person who is celebrating his/her b'day.

There could be innumerable situations, simple and complex wherein there needs to be a negation that is necesasry to help the user in making a few matters simplified.

Hope I was clear,


Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

Arun Sankar writes:

Creating a different mailing lists is absolutely ok for small companies/simple mail server. Consider a huge corporate with a whole lot of aliases and a complex mail structure. Each time you want to eliminate a few mail-ids from a big list you have to send a request to the administrator to setup the new alias. This solution is more of a one time addition and solve the unable to negate problems.


if you don't have any examples showing the huge utility you claim, noone's going to implement the extension, so we might as well stop talking about it right away.

You should post good examples here, and also add them to the draft.



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