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Re: deja vu: draft-grandhi-pc-smtp-00.txt

2005-05-04 09:30:29

Hi Mark,

ncc and pcc are vastly different utilities. Similar mail header addition is one similarity though. But I guess the kind of application and the kind of audience both are looking at are very different.

Ncc is more of a negate that simplifies the users work in typing out a whole lot of mail-ids and utilize the availability of aliases which are available. We had discussed already of the inability for the whole world to apply to it. But it is the same case with a broken MTA who may have the Cc not implemented properly. To be more practical it can be implemented probably on an org wide scale wherein mandated MTA's and MUA's are to be used and this is not seen like a push it down the throat feature but a take it if you feel like feature.

Another point that came about is utility of the ncc feature. We do not argue the utility of the Cc feature, though it is similar to the To field, Cc has its own merits and just because someone does not use the To field and the Cc field is very redundant, we do not go ahead and think of removing the Cc. Ncc is more of a feature that is helpful to all who do a lot of mailing to aliases and I do not mean mailing-lists when I say aliases.

I guess branding the both as a deja vu might not be entirely ok just because they sound similar.

(a deja vu occurs where there is a change in the Matrix ;))

willemien(_at_)amidatrust(_dot_)com wrote:

I agree with Markus
This draft  is only good to test your knowledge of the various mail protocols 
by finding all the errors in this one.

On a first quick reading I discovered 3 errors

1 wrong naming of RFC's
2 non existing entities (SMTP headers???)
3 (RFC2822?) headers changing by non recognising MDA's?? (that means nothing 
less than a non backward compatability)

Who can find more errors ...

AFAIK the same type and idea of proposal as discussed before in
with the same flaws and even from the same group ... HP India.

Now the field is called Pc instead of Ncc.

The author agains completely mixes 2821 and 2822.

Reminds me of some broken handheld (psion?) software in the end 90s.
They sent the Bcc field along for the SMTP server to take care of it.



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